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Thank you so much for visiting my unit page, and I’m excited for you to check out all the crazy, fun things going on in the Cho Mama family.  I am the proud director of the most beautiful, sharpest, finest, most fearless, courageous, ambitious, fierce, sassy, and tenacious group of women, whom I get to call Cho Mamas!  Each individual woman in our unit brings something special to our team, no one person being alike, making us unique and full of character!  I love doing business with these ladies, but most of all, I love doing life with them!  I hope you get the opportunity to meet me and the rest of the Cho Mama crew!

My story is, well, probably like YOURS.  I was THAT girl who thought MK was for GRANDMAS!  On top of that thought, I never really wore makeup, minus my 5 year old mascara and bronzer.  I had no sales experience, knew nothing about business, and let’s not forget, I was busy (like every other human being).  I had every reason telling me NO; from my own ‘stuck-up’ attitude to even my friends who didn’t believe in the opportunity.  BUT, never underestimate the power of a woman when she puts her mind to something.   I wanted to make a little extra cash to help pay my bills so I decided to give MK try, and long story short, this “crazy grandma-lipstick selling-company” has become my full time career.   Who would have thunk it!










I thank God for this opportunity, for being my ultimate business partner, and for graciously bringing wonderful woman into my life.  He truly had a plan for me, and I believe He has a plan for you also!  You never know what MK can do for you?!  Consider it a ‘blessing in disguise’!  Message me for information, I’d love to share my story and chat with you over a coffee date!!

   ♥Began business – February 2010

JANUARY 2011: Part of History & attended Leadership Conference as a Future Director (1st time in company history to let anyone other than Directors & NSD’s attend)

APRIL 2011: Earned first free car, Chevy Malibu (Grand Achiever)
JULY 2011:  Debuted as a brand new Sales Director
SEPTEMBER 2011:  Earned second free car, Ford Mustang (Premier Plus)
DECEMBER 2011: Completed Fabulous 50’s
JUNE 2012:  Completed Honor’s Society
JUNE 2012:  Dean’s List – #1 director in debuting class
SEMINAR 2012: #7 Director in the Shaw National Area
SEMINAR 2012: #1 Rookie Director of the Year in the Shaw National Area
SEMINAR 2012 & SEMINAR 2013:  Circle of Achievement – $300,000 Unit Club
SEMINAR 2013: #2 Director in the Lauchlan National Area
JULY 2013: Promotion to Sr. Sales Director, debuted 1st offspring Sales Director
SEPTEMBER 2013: Earned third free car, Premier Plus
FEBRUARY 2014: Debuted 2nd offspring Sales Director
MARCH 2014: Earned fourth free car, Pink Cadillac
SEMINAR 2014: #2 Director in the Lauchlan National Area, $350,000 Unit Club
JULY 2014: Promotion to Future Executive Sr. Sales Director, debuted 3rd offspring Sales Director



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Meet The Cho Mamas

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 Mary Cho Engh

Sr. Sales Director

 First Line Directors



Andrea Barts

Sr. Sales Director



Team Leader


Erika Siebenthal

Star Team Builder



Christen Lawless

Cindy Reyes

On Target For Their First FREE Car!


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The Opportunity



Meet National Sales Director, Leah Lauchlan!  

Watch this 18 minute video as she tells about her Mary Kay Journey!


Meet National Sales Director, Linda Toupin! Listen as Linda describes the ‘Choices’ that led to her Mary Kay experience!



Meet Sr National Sales Director, Pamela Shaw! Call the hotline at 212-990-6415 and listen to Pam’s 22 minute description of her Mary Kay Journey!

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Mary Kay In The News!

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