4 Programs

Book 10 Program


 Book 10 Tracking Sheet 

Calling Script  Texting Script 

Part 1:  It’s All Mental 

Part 2:  What You’ll Need

Part 3:  Scripts and Tracking

Part 4:  Anatomy of a Booking Call

Power Program


 PP Tracking Sheet #1   PP Tracking Sheet #2 

 Power Program Monthly Outing

Star Consultant Training


Part 1: WHY you want to be a STAR CONSULTANT!

Part 2: Follow the Prize Trail!

Part 3: Let’s Break it Down!

Part 4: Be Creative!

Part 5: It’s all in the Mindset!

Part 6: Follow-Up!

Part 7: Crossing the Finish Line!

Star Outings


Q2 Company Prizes


Century Club

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