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NSD Linda Toupin has a message for YOU!! Watch this one first and check out all the other great testimonials!!

Patty Eades in her retirement buys extras for the grandchildren and supports missions.

Ashlee Crook broke a welfare generational cycle and lives debt free.

Kimm Moore as a consultant paid off 8 credit cards totaling over $53,000.

Meara Buck moved 16 times in her career & is the financial constant in her family’s financial life.

Melissa Mays paid off over $50,000 in family debt and purchased her dream home.

Mya Hull age 22 increased her family income from $12,000 to $82,000 in her first 2 years.

Misty Lakes gave her family a $10,000 raise last year & pays for half of her family’s bills.

Charlene Grubb paid for both her family’s vacation homes (Bahamas & TN) while living a debt free.

Dynetta Mintor pays for son’s private school tuition with her Mary Kay income

Tara Lewis paid over $6000 in personal debt her first year.

Jessica Merriman paid over $57,000 in debt which allows her husband to follow his dream.

Courtney Atwood age 25 pays ½ of her family bills & bought her husband a new Harley Davidson.

Lori Settles lives the lifestyle she wants with her 12, 8, and 7 year old thanks to Mary Kay!

London Ann Arbuckle​ purchased her Mary Kay starter kit in July 2007. She earned her 1st car in 6 months, became a director in 7 months and quit her full time job. As a store manager/district manager in waiting for a high-end retail company traveling and working 60 hours a week PLUS teaching dance and musical theatre at a local dance studio part time. She has earned 5 cars and is on-target for 6th- a MK Pink Caddy!

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